graphic 1.png

Challenge:  I was approached by the Outreach Coordinator of Qualities of Life Technologies to create a logo scheme for four of the programs.  ELeVATE and AIM  introduce veterans to rehabilitation science, machine and fabrication technology.  RET is the Research Experience for Teachers which brings clinical research into the classroom.  Finally, Tech-Link provides hands-on after school learning for middle and high school students.

Process:  For this project I first gathered information about the programs through the program heads, instructors and participants.  These conversations led to a range of initial ideas for logos that would capture the mentality of the programs, with the required theme of the American flag and silhouettes of progam members.  From this point, I rapidly generated vector designs that were narrowed down by a vote from participating community.  With the concept locked in, I created refined versions with the inclusion of an existing color palette.